Thanksgiving Home Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Home Safety Tips

Thanksgiving should be a time to celebrate being together, not panicking because of a preventable disaster. 

Thanksgiving is a time when we get together with our friends and family and give thanks for everything that as we privileged Americans have. It’s a very humbling holiday. With all of our family under one roof, the house can get a little crowded and this means certain risks increase. Then, instead of enjoying your feast, you are panicking over a disaster which could have been prevented if the proper measures were put in order. Here are the dangers of Thanksgiving and how you can avoid them and fully enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.

  1. Fire Safety
    The average amount of cooking that goes on during Thanksgiving is triple than on an ordinary day. Here’s how to stay safe:
    • Never leave anything you’re cooking on the stove unattended and periodically check on whatever you’ve put in the oven.
    • Use oven mitts whenever you are handling something hot and leave them away from the stove as they could easily catch fire.
    • Children and pets should not be allowed in the kitchen during the cooking hours.
  2. Food Safety
    With all the cooking that needs to happen, some foods can be cut short and be a risk when consumed.
    • Plan ahead when thawing your turkey. A 20-pound turkey can take up to 5 days to thaw.
    • Turkeys need to reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees F to kill the harmful bacteria.
    • Leftovers need to be refrigerated within two hours after serving to ensure bacterial growth and decomposition is kept at a minimum.

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