Statistics That Capture the True Dangers of Texting & Driving

Statistics That Capture the True Dangers of Texting & Driving

Texting and driving is dangerous. You may know it, but do you know exactly how dangerous it is? Probably not.

We’ve all heard how dangerous texting and driving can be for all drivers; not just the person texting. The extent of the dangers of texting and driving is lost because the unfortunate truth is that everything that lies outside of your own personal experience is nothing more than a distant story. Like when our parents told us not to touch the stove, and most of us learned the hard way. Don’t let texting and driving be one of those experiences you have to learn the hard way because it may be the last thing you learn—or worse, force innocent lives to learn it through your irresponsible actions. Here are a few statistics that will hopefully deter you from picking up your phone next time you get a text and keep your eyes on the road.

Statistics showing the dangers of texting and driving.

  • 9. The number of Americans killed every day by a motor vehicle accident that involves using a cellphone or eating.
  • 40 percent. The percentage of teens who say they’ve been in a car where the driver used a cellphone and had also put them in danger.
  • 341,000. The number of car accidents that were the direct result of texting and driving in 2013.
  • 3,154. The number of people that would be alive today if it weren’t for texting and driving.
  • 46. The number of states that have banned texting for all drivers, regardless of age.

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